Muay Thai Camp & Pool Resort

Bull Muay Thai gym and Bull Muay Thai Pro Academy.
Bull Muay Thai Gym is a professional muay thai camp in Ao Nang beach of Krabi, one of the most beatiful beach of the south of Thailand, and most visited for the famous amazing island around, Kho Phi Phi, Kho Lanta, Kho Yao Yai, Kho Hong and more.

We are no only gym, we are a team of professional fighters and professional trainers for help you to reach your goals.

We have also 30 bamboo bungalows whit swimming pool where you can relax after training.

View of bungalows and pool
Bungalow bedroom
Bungalow bedroom

Several courses are available:
from the Beginners to the Pro Fighters The best location for train and relax or become a Pro.

Bull Muay Thai Special Promotion!

  • Nak muay Hot promotion Training in paradise
  • Pool bungalow
  • Training 2 times a day
  • 2 meal a day

    ONLY! 27000 THB month

Our Muay Thai Trainers

Bull Muay Thai trainers are well experienced and ready to follow you step by step to the success, during your staying at Bull Muay Thai Gym.


Muaykhao stile and elbow specialist
Good sparring partener and clinch.


Profesional trainer for 6 years already Good boxer coach Expert ex fighter.


Power pads holder for any size of fighters
Specialist on boxing and elbow.


Tecniqual pads holder and specialist on fitness goal, experience fighter.


Clinch expert trainer and boxing, knee
Muay khao stile and tecniqual.


Specialist on elbows knee and distance, very good on technical coaching.

Become a Pro Fighter with Bull Muay Thai!

Bull muaythai Pro Academy Bull muaythai Pro academy for pro fighters located just 1km from Bull muaythai gym, is one team of professional fighters from different country (Thailand , France, Italy, Germany, Spain, England, Australia, Argentina) that train all toghter everyday whit a help of our professional thai fighters and thai trainers..

Bull muaythai Pro , fight every week in a different channel of local tv in thailand and in Asia .. this team will be happy to share this passion whit you.. welcome to train a professional mode whit local champion… Fighters factory

Muay Thai Professional Training

Morning: 2 sessions from 8 am to 12:00
Afternoon: from 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm

Morning Session:

  • 1 hour running
  • Shadow boxing 3 rounds of 3 min
  • Heavy bag work 5 rounds of 3 min
  • Pads work 5 rounds of 5 min
  • Sparring
  • Body workout and condition 25 min

Afternoon Session:

  • Running or skipping 25 min
  • Shadow boxing 3 rounds of 3 min
  • Heavy bag work 5 rounds of 3 min
  • Pads work 5 rounds of 3 min
  • Clinching 30 min
  • Technical sparring 5 rounds
  • Body fitness & stretching

Muay Thai School for Beginners

  •  10 min. Stretching
  •  5 min. Skipping
  •  20 min. Basics of technique  with trainer
  •  10 min. Shadowboxing
  •  3 rounds of 3 Min. bagwork
  •  3 rounds of 3 Min. padwork
  •  10 min. Clinching basics of technique
  •  10 min. Abdominal muscles exercises

This excercises can be shared in two sessions morning and afternoon

Lose Weight

  • 15 Min. Running
  • 10 Min. Skipping
  • 10 Min. Basic exercises with weights
  • 15 Min. Basic exercises with trainer
  • 10 Min. Shadowboxing
  • 5 Min. Fit boxing at bag
  • 3 rounds of 3 Min. padwork
  • 10 min of stretching
  • 5 min of abdominal exercises


Bull Muay Thai
Phone: +66 (0) 622 109 130
Email: bullmuaythai@gmail.com
766, Soi Khao Kaeo 1, Moo 2, 81000,
Ao Nang, Krabi, Thailand

Open Everyday: 8:00 am – 12:00 &
4:00 pm – 7:00 pm (Sunday closed)